Wealth Associates Subsidiary Firm

A Wealth Associates partner becomes a 100% owned subsidiary of the Wealth Associates Group andmakes full use of the wide spectrum of products, services and support structures made available.

The Wealth Associates Subsidiary Strategy is centered on

  • A rigorous selection and due diligence process: to ensure fitting acquisitions.
  • The creation of “owner-managed” subsidiaries: to retain the entrepreneurial drive of the principals.
  • A practice of highly incentivising the broker partner principals: to bring about common alignment and strong commitment levels.

Subsidiary Firm Value Proposition

Business development and support

Subsidiary firms will have access to support for internal IT systems and solutions, compliance, accounting, and auditing as well as business and operational support to help grow the business. Succession planning and retirement planning will be developed and secured for you and your business, and all broker partner principals are highly incentivised to ensure common alignment and commitment.

Products, pricing, and service

Subsidiary firms will have to access to Group developed and negotiated niche products, lowest prices, enhanced service levels, and trouble-shooting channels. Subsidiary firms will experience a unique service offering, to better serve clients, whilst building the overall business, and will have access to and usage of Group developed, client focussed, tools, models, and solutions.


Marketing and Branding

Subsidiary firms will have access to an aspirational, developing, client brand, and will benefit from Group marketing and branding initiatives, internet and media-based exposure, and professional client and staff events.


The Managing Partner will continue to manage & grow the business inter-dependently, on behalf of the Group – retaining the entrepreneurial drive of the principals, whilst operating as part of, and in collaboration with, the collective Group.

Belong, learn, and share

All Partners and advisors will experience a unique culture that encourages sharing, innovation, leverage and objectivity. They will be part of an exclusive network of like-minded people whilst enjoying industry influence. Over the year they will participate in, and contribute to, think tank sessions, conferences, and Executive committees, and have a great deal of fun along the way.

To find out more, please contact Marc du Plooy, 011 807 6182 or marc@wealthassociates.co.za.

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