Allan Gray

Allan Gray is an investment management company from South Africa. The company also has offices in Botswana, Namibia and Nigeria, and maintains a close relationship with sister companies Orbis Investment Management and Allan Gray Australia. Its clients include institutional investors, individual investors, insurance companies, trusts, foundations and foreign institutions.

Allan Gray invests in assets across the African continent and employs approximately 1000 employees. The company’s Cape Town headquarters are in the Silo District of the V&A Waterfront. Silo One, the headquarter building, was the first in South Africa to be given a six-star green rating by the Green Building Council of South Africa.

Allan Gray’s social investment efforts are directed towards the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation and E2, which aim to educate potential entrepreneurs and provide them with financing. The Foundation is funded by an annual donation of 5% of Allan Gray Proprietary Limited’s pre-tax profit and a $150 million endowment from Allan W.B Gray. E2 owns 20% of Allan Gray Limited.