Boutique Collective Investments

Boutique Collective Investments (RF) (Pty) Ltd (“BCI”) is a leading large independent Collective Investments Scheme service provider in South Africa.
As an independent Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) manager, Boutique Collective Investments (BCI) provides own-brand and co-branded CIS portfolios to wealth managers as well as to our boutique partners. Our business is managed by a team of very experienced individuals, all of them being CIS specialists.
Our core business is to support our boutique partners in growing their assets under management by providing high quality products, administration and distribution services. The total BCI unit trust assets under administration is in excess of R100 billion, spread over more than 300 CIS portfolios.

Our Boutique Partner ™ business model

Boutique Collective Investments (BCI) is a quality operation built on the foundation of our highly successful Boutique Partner™ business model. Together with our Boutique Partner™ we offer FSB approved retail and institutional single manager, hybrid, multi-manager and fund of fund co-branded unit trust portfolios.
The BCI team takes pride in their 15 year track record and experience of identifying, developing and growing the next generation of successful independent discretionary investment and wealth managers. Not only do we provide our Boutique Partner™ with CIS infrastructure, CIS compliance and administration, but through our Boutique Partner™ we have a national distribution footprint across the full distribution spectrum, such as investment administration platforms, independent financial advisors, multi-managers, investment consultants and institutional investors. We believe that long lasting professional relationships with all industry players and our clients are key to the success of our Boutique Partner™ business model BCI takes great pride in our Boutique Partner™ business model and together with our partners we take full responsibility for our businesses and our clients. Our clients are the reason for our existence, therefore we aim to provide our clients with top quality service and products. Together we follow the vision that South Africa’s leading boutique managers and wealth managers have for the future and, in the process, create a platform for partnerships on our journey towards long term wealth creation for the investors in our portfolios.