AJM Asset Management

Wealth Associates AJM Asset Management is an independent financial consultancy providing comprehensive financial solutions for individuals.

Alastair Mackie
Managing Director

Wealth Associates AJM Asset Management is based in Cape Town and takes pride in being completely independent. This allows them to consider what the whole financial services industry has to offer in achieving their goals. Matching that with their client’s own fears, hopes and aspirations leads to appropriate strategies that meets the client’s goals.

Wealth Associates AJM Asset Management does not necessarily follow fashionable trends, but consistently aligns their thinking with that of each client. The Adviser is thenable to make rational, informed and valued investment decisions to enhance wealth. Regular investment reports since 2002 illustrates their commitment to keeping their clients informed about the investment philosophy they adopt and align their investment strategies.


Alastair Mackie (Managing), Marc du Plooy (Non-Executive)
Key individuals
Alastair Mackie
Jürgen Paulus, John Gnodde
Date Authorised
November 2004
An Authorised FSP 5588
Website ajmglobal.com
Contact details 021 713 2508, alastair@ajmglobal.com
Cape Town


Category description Advice Intermediary
Long-Term Insurance: Category A, B1, B2, C X X
Pension Benefits: Retail X X
Securities and Instruments: Shares X X
Participatory interests in Collective Investment Schemes X X