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Wealth Associates Asset Management designs Wealth Management solutions, and not just investment portfolios. Their approach employs globalleading edge portfolio construction technology and their best-of-breed approach gives them access to a deep pool of talent.

Jeremy Squier
Executive Director

Marc du Plooy
Executive Director

Their risk-focused approach emphasises diversification, consistency and depth of research in selecting asset managers and funds. The ongoing monitoring and review process ensures portfolio compliance and a superior solution set.

Wealth Associates Asset Management achieve cost efficiencies as a result of superior fee arrangements with underlying managers. Their Wealth Management Solutions are available exclusively to clients of the Wealth Associates Partner Firms and Advisors.

The Flagship Portfolios

The Flagship Range is uniquely available to advisors within the Wealth Associates Group. Our solutions were designed from the outset to be both simple and sophisticated, with each of our four portfolios possessing well-defined characteristics. As a group, we bring together the critical ingredients to achieving superior wealth management solutions – a rigorous advice capability combined with a robust investment process.

The willingness and ability to take risk di ers from one investor to the next. Needs vary, as do circumstances. The Flagship Range was designed to ensure that an appropriate investment solution exists to match the investors specific requirements.

Our Process

Each investor in a Flagship fund owns a carefully crafted basket of select unit trust funds that have been combined to give effect to the risk and return objectives of the portfolio.

Our investment committee leverages internal as well as external expertise in constructing our portfolios. Investing has become highly skilled and building the best solutions quite simply means engaging the best talent available.

Our approach has been to focus predominantly on selecting underlying funds with specialised mandates, instead of opting for broad, more general mandates. This allows us to focus independently on finding the right investment teams for our specific purposes, as well as control costs and better monitor risk.

The Flagship Range – a superior solution

Many dierent approaches to investing exist – some are simply superior to others. We work hard to ensure that what we do is right up there with global best practice. We not only aim to get things right; we also aim to avoid the mistakes that are routinely made by so many investment teams.

Why the flagship range:

  • Designed from the outset as wealth management solutions, not just investment portfolios
  • Employs global, leading edge portfolio construction technology
  • Best-of-breed approach that gives us access to a deep pool of talent
  • Risk-focussed approach that emphasises diversification and consistency
  • Depth of research in selecting and asset managers and funds
  • A constant monitoring and review process to ensure portfolio compliance
  • Cost efficiencies as a result of superior fee arrangements with underlying managers

How to invest

These Flagship portfolios are exclusive to clients of Wealth Associates partners and are available on Momentum Wealth, Investec Asset Management and Glacier with more to follow.

Wealth Associates Asset Management engages with PortfolioMetrix to deliver their investment solutions.


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Wealth Associates Asset Management – Flagship Range


Directors Jeremy Squier, Marc du Plooy
Key individuals
Jeremy Squier, Marc du Plooy
Investment Committee
Jeremy Squier, Marc du Plooy, Alastair Mackie, Brandon Zietman and Brendan de Jongh
Date Authorised
September 2005 / June 2012 (CAT II)
An Authorised FSP 21018
Contact details 011 807 6182,
Location Rivonia


Category description Advice Intermediary
Long-Term Insurance: Category B1, B2, C X X
Pension Benefits: Retail X X
Securities and Instruments: Money market instruments X X
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