Bespoke Solutions

Wealth Associates Bespoke Solutions is based in Sandton and is in the business of serving people. Their core purpose is to help valued clients to create new wealth and to protect their accumulated wealth. Whilst wealth means different things to different people, those people who attain their wealth objectives find themselves in a considerably better position to live happy and fulfilled lives, than are those who do not.

Jeremy Squier
Financial Planner & Managing Director

Wealth Associiates Bespoke Solutions is passionate about their relationship based approach to business which, allows them to form meaningful and long lasting relationships with their clients. This approach allows them to fully understand the unique and often changing needs of their clients and to create “Bespoke” solutions to meet these specific needs.



Directors Jeremy Squier (Managing), Marc du Plooy (Non-Executive)
Key individuals Jeremy Squier, Sabra Squier
Representatives Chris Kilfoil, Andrea Lazzari, Michelle Vivian, Mauritz Van Den Heever, Ryan Vivian
Date Authorised December 2005
An Authorised FSP 6523
Contact details 011 807 6182,
Location 2 William Ln, Kleve Hill Park, Sandton, 2191


Category description Advice Intermediary
Long-Term Insurance: Category A, B1, B2, C X X
Short-Term: Personal, Commercial X X
Pension Benefits: Retail, Group X X
Securities and Instruments: Shares, Money Market, Debentures and securitised debt, Bonds X X
Participatory interests in Collective Investment Schemes X X
Deposits Defined in the Banks Act: exceeding 12 months and 12 months or less X X
Health Service Benefits X X